DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Nautical Buoys

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Hey guys! Are you all getting ready for this Easter weekend? I'm taking my girls to my parents' and my in-laws', so it's going to be a very busy Sunday. I have all of my recipes planned out, and the outfits are all clean and ironed (just kidding!) Anyway, I made some adorable Pottery … [Continue reading]

5 Sweet Easter Peep Dessert Recipes

From In Katrina's Kitchen

How's this for irony: I'm writing about my favorite Easter desserts and I haven't even bought my kids' Easter baskets yet. I'm going to be in big trouble come tomorrow when all that's left at the store are Peeps and jelly beans. Hopefully I can make it up to them with at least one of these cute … [Continue reading]

DIY Macrame Hanging Basket Tutorial


Although I’m a DIY-junkie, I’m picky about what I choose to DIY. I won’t make something just because it’s easy and it’s been pinned 350 times on Pinterest. My process usually involves me seeing something I love, and trying to replicate it on a budget. I’ve been spending hours on lately, … [Continue reading]

DIY Easter Candy Machine

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Happy Easter season, everyone! I will be hosting a joint Easter and birthday party for my niece on Sunday. I was practicing my setup, and thought I'd share my Easter candy machine. Totally fun, and totally kid-friendly! Check out my guest post over at Musings of a Stay At Home Mom for the rest of … [Continue reading]

Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Wooden Coasters


Hey everyone! I made DIY Anthropologie-inspired color block wooden coasters and shared it over at Designed By Dawn Nicole so be sure to check it out!     The best part? The whole project was free! … [Continue reading]

DIY Mod Podge, or “Fod Podge”


With as many DIY projects as I do each month, I can't afford to pay for a new bottle of Mod Podge every 2 weeks. Despite what some bloggers say, Mod Podge is NOT cheap. You can make your own version with Elmer's glue and water for more than half of the price of Mod Podge, and it will last you a heck … [Continue reading]

Designing in The Age of DIY Decor: Are We Designing or Mimicking?


Julia from Hooked On Houses wrote an interesting piece today about the possibility of closed kitchens making a comeback. In the article, she points out that open kitchens are less alluring than people make them out to be. For instance, the seemingly best thing about open kitchens is that you can … [Continue reading]

There Are No Rules in Interior Design, Just Guidelines

Honey and Fitz

Recently, I read an article posted by about the interior design rules that we should all break. A lot of the “rules” either weren’t rules at all, or they’ve already been badly broken. It made me think of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean; specifically, when Captain Barbossa says (of … [Continue reading]

DIY Household Tips To Save Your Family Money


Since I bought my first home last year, I’ve taken my frugality to a new level. I’ve noticed that being a DIY enthusiast has made my transition a lot easier, because making your own cleaning and beauty products take patience and resourcefulness. But the thriftiness doesn’t stop at making your own … [Continue reading]

5 Decor Trends to DIY in 2014


2014 is bringing an eclectic touch to home decorating, and I’m pretty excited about it; mostly because a lot of the trends can be incorporated through fun DIY projects. Also, I can now finally justify my obsession with mixing patterns and prints to my husband. While I don’t see myself putting up … [Continue reading]